Girlfriend Catches Giant Tiger Shark From Beach!

- November 14, 2016



Brook Crist of the Landshark Crew reels in a massive Tiger shark From a local Florida Beach. She fought the shark for 30 minutes and released it! This was one of 4 sharks we caught that night.


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  • I think this is not an ethical practice. I particularly think this is a hollow and show-off "sport", just like hunting a deer. If you really want to appreciate such a beautiful creature (which I doubt it's the case), there are plenty other, less invasive ways to do it, like Scuba Diving, for example. You're just making an animal have a REALLY disgusting time just for a 'cool pic'. I particularly do not respect this practice.

    Carlos Mora - 1 week ago

  • I clicked on this 'cause I was curious... I regret. Why would you take any animal out of his habitat just to take a picture? So so so so so so so so annoying

    Adriana Wallis - 1 week ago

  • Why are people so triggered in the comments, have they never fished before?

    Dam Man - 1 week ago

  • I just watched some footage of brave divers taking fishing hooks out of some poor sharks. I wonder how the hooks got there... Yes I can see in the video that you pull them out, but it can so easily go wrong with such big and strong animals. I also condemn the sexist comments.

    Bubbles - 2 weeks ago

  • wha is the reel ?

    Alexander Austen - 1 month ago

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